A Member Benefit for AICC

Printers401k® - A complete solution to retirement plan management

Are you delegating the operations of your 401k plan to your staff? Most Plan Sponsors are unaware of the personal liabilities and many duties required of them as Plan Fiduciaries.

There is a better way;  The Printers401k® Program provides a complete solution to retirement plan management. We accept the Fiduciary responsible, taking your name off the 401k Plan documents, shielding you and your staff from many of the personal liability which you are subject to today.

As an AICC member, you receive a free Plan Analysis Report which provides you with a snapshot of your plan investments, costs and plan operations compared to other plans in the industry. This analysis can reveal strengths and areas of concern along with solutions to improve your retirement plan.


Contact Joe Trybula CFP®, CPFA®  today at 800.307.0376 or  joe@printers401k.com to learn more about the Printers401k® program, and to receive your free Plan Analysis Report. 

Our Fiduciary Promise

Our Fiduciary Promise