Plan Sponsors Received Erroneous IRS Late Filing Notices

Plan Sponsors Received Erroneous IRS Late Filing Notices

| August 25, 2023

The IRS confirmed that there was a programming glitch that issued erroneous IRS Late Filling notices, which they stated was fixed on Aug. 23, 2023. They are working on an article to notify the public of the issue and what to do with the notices.*

If you received an IRS Late Filing Notice related to 8955-SSA, this may have been sent to you in error. To ensure compliance with the required IRS filings, you may complete the following steps until further information and/or instructions are available from the IRS.

  • If you are a Printers 401k Plan member:

    • Please send a copy of the letter IRS to Brenda Daniels at and she will coordinate the response with IRS to have penalty abated.

  • If you are not a Printers 401k Plan member:

    • Determine that your filing was completed and submitted to the IRS on time.

    • Fax a signed letter for request of abatement along with the IRS Late Filing Notice to 'ATTN: Employee Plan Account' at 877-792-2864. Here's a sample Request for Penalty Abatement Under Reasonable Cause coversheet letter for your reference.

We are happy to help, if you have any questions or would like additional insight, please feel free to reach out to me at or 800.307.0376.


*Source: Plan Sponsors, Advisors Receiving Erroneous IRS Late Filing Notices | National Association of Plan Advisors (

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