The Average 401k Plan is Wasting Money - Is Yours?

| October 09, 2017
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The Average retirement plan is wasting 25 basis points of participant’s money per year and there are many plans who are wasting in excess of 1%

To put  this in perspective 25 basis points for a $5,000,000 plan, equates $12,500 in the first year. Now compound that over a 10 year period of time and that’s $247,288of lost earnings.

Reviewing and evaluating plan fees is a crucial responsibility for every Plan Sponsor. I’ve outlined a SIX STEPS FOR CREATING A FEE REVIEW PROCESS to assist you. 

If this is overwhelming the Printers401k can provide you with a free Plan Fee Analysis, which will identify Current Plan Fees and provide you with ideas on how to reduce your total plan expenses. Contact Joe Trybula at or 800.307.0376 for more details or request your analysis.

[1] Significant Fee Waste in Retirement Plans – New Study Using Quantitative Methods, Daniel Satchkov, CFA and Yon Perullo, CFA
[2] Difference of the Future Value of $5,000,000 after 10 years earning 8% annual return versus $5,000,000 after 10 years earning 8% annual return with 25 basis points in excess fees.
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